Loving Boarding Services

If you are a current client at Kim's K-9 please click on the following link to make reservations through your pet portal, if you do not have a pet portal please register using the "are you a new customer" option. 


When dog owners travel, it can be hard to leave their faithful friends behind.  Kim’s K-9 offers a safe, fun and friendly environment to board their dog.  In a nutshell:

  • We offer a place for your dog to play and have fun with other dogs for hours at a time.

  • Our playrooms are large and offer a lot of room for the dogs to run, play and even relax. Each room has an indoor and outdoor area with plenty of water, equipment to climb on and K-9 cots to relax on if they need a break.

  • When your dog is not out playing with friends, he/she is sleeping or eating in a cozy crate that we provide. This type of crate is very familiar to most modern dogs, as it has become a standard for housebreaking and bedtime.

The cost for dogs will be $45 per 24 hour stay.  If your dog stays for an extended first or last day a discount day of daycare will be charged at check out ($25.00). We recommend that you let us bathe your dog before he/she leaves boarding, especially after all the playing, so he returns home nice and clean! Baths are $15 - schedule one with your dog’s stay!


FAQ's regarding our boarding program

·         What does my dog do while boarding at Kim’s?

We have a unique situation here at Kim’s K-9 Training Center.  We believe your dog deserves to have as much fun as you do while you are gone on vacation (or on business).  When your dog stays here at Kim’s K-9, they are out and about playing with the fellow boarders 3-5 hours every day!  When he/she is in their cozy crate, they are tired and ready to rest! 

·         Where will my dog sleep?

We put all our extra room into our play floors, not in the dogs sleeping space.  We learned many years ago that if a dog is given too much space for a room, they don’t relax well.  They pace, worry and often "go to the bathroom” in their space.   In modern dog culture, almost all people have introduced their dog to a crate.  It is a place most dogs use to keep the world OUT.  They don’t perceive it as a place they are trapped in.  We have HUGE crates and wee crates.  We choose the crate your dog will be absolutely the most comfortable in! 

 By the way, even if your dog has shown a dislike for a crate at your house, it is highly unusual for dog to see our crates in the same light.  Did I mention how tired they will be?

·         What will my dog eat?

We feed a variety of Iam’s dog food here, but don’t worry, we won’t charge extra for you to bring your own.  Many places do, because it is easier to feed one diet to all, then to give each dog their own meal.  We simply require that you bring your dog’s favorite kibble in a seal-able hard plastic or metal container clearly marked with your dog’s name and feeding instructions.  We feed each dog in their crate, so there is no competition for their meals.

·         My dog takes daily medication.  How much extra will I have to pay for that?

Well, in almost all cases you will have to pay nothing extra.  We are pretty darn good at giving pills, treating ears and doctoring your dog’s food to make sure they get their daily supplements and medication.  If it a more complex medication regime (insulin shots or the like), we do that as well.  Let us know if your dogs needs are extreme and we can discuss any potential upcharge.

·         Can you groom my dog on pick up day?

While we don’t do any grooming here at Kim’s, we do plenty of baths every day!  And you’re right.  Your dog WILL NEED A BATH if he/she stays more than a couple of days. Your dog is not laying around pining for your return… there is heavy duty running, mouthing and wrestling going on!  We would be disappointed if your dog DIDN’T need some clean up.  Unlike most places though, we don’t require that WE do the bath.  Got teens at home?  Have a pool or lake your dog is going to go home and jump in?  Alright!  We let YOU decide.  Just understand that the trip home may be a little, well… shall we say... stinky?  Our bath fee is very small and most people consider it money well spent, lol.  Ask us at drop off the price for your dog.

·         What are the prerequisites for boarding my dog at Kim’s?

First and foremost, your dog must enjoy group play.  Just like in daycare, our facility is interactive.  We are designed for dogs that truly enjoy being with other dogs.  This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to play hard.  Your dog may be the type of dog that does, OR he/she may be the type of dog that gets plenty of stimulation from watching.  We equate it to a wedding reception; there are groups of people that dance all night, and then there are groups of people who spend their evening sitting around the table listening to the music and chatting.  Who is having more fun?  Neither!  They are simply enjoying the party differently.

We do require that you register your dog and a copy of your dog’s up-to-date vaccines on file before drop off day. Click the link below to fill out the form and double check the vaccine requirements.

We also require a reservation. In “normal” times, it is unlikely we can’t fit your dog in, but during holidays and spring break it is not unusual that we book up and are forced to turn dogs away.  We don’t want that to be you!  As soon as you confirm your travel plans and book your hotel and airfare, let us know.  Assuming vaccinations are up to date, an enrollment is on file, and it is not a holiday or spring break, we don’t mind last minute reservations at all, but do call ahead or reserve online. Please call 616-949-4249 Ext 2 for more boarding information or help with making a reservation.

Holiday and Peak Week Boarding-

We have several very busy weeks for boarding dogs here at the kennel. Some holiday dates have an increased rate for boarding (right now, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are $49/night). If you reserve during those times we will require a 50% deposit to hold your dog’s spot. If you need to cancel we understand, however, we will need two weeks notice for a refund to be processed. Deposits will be forfeit if reservation is not cancelled prior to the two week deadline. Peak weeks at Kim’s are, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break/Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July week, and Labor Day.

If you have planned ahead for an extra busy time, and your dog has not been here before, we ask that you bring your dog in for at least one day of daycare before dropping off to board. We want to get to know him/her and their personality to make sure they will enjoy being with us.  And did we mention the first day of daycare is free?

Vaccine Requirements-

  1. Bordetella - Every 6 Months

  2. Fecal check - Every 6 Months

  3. DHLPP

  4. Canine Influenza

  5. Rabies