Interactive Daycare

It is our belief that all dogs benefit from daily exercise and mental stimulation.  They crave it.  They want it.  They NEED it. Kim's K-9 has understood and supplied that need in Grand Rapids for over 22 years.  We know dogs, and we know peoples schedules don't always allow the time to give our dogs the exercise they desperately need to be there best. Our interactive daycare is designed to fill that need.

The daycare dogs arrive weekdays between 7-9 am on weekdays and are typically picked up between 4-6 pm. Saturday hours are drop off 8-9am and pick up 6-7:30pm.

We are very careful about who goes into which playgroup, so once all the dogs have arrived for the day, playgroups are designed to maximize your dogs fun!  

We have large playrooms with outside access for running, romping and 'restling.  We also have two large outdoor play areas with climbing toys to race around and explore.  Small dogs need to run too, and they have their very own place to play!  Although we know some little dogs could handle playing with the big kids, not all big dogs can handle the extra stimulation that little dogs can bring to the mix and could inadvertently hurt the little ones, so we believe it wise to separate dogs under 20 lbs into their own group.

Daycare dogs are typically picked up between 4-6 pm.

Because all our daycare is interactive, it is not designed for dogs that don't enjoy group play. Daycare is not designed to "socialize" a dog that doesn't like other dogs. We won't put any of our kiddos into harms way with a dog that won't enjoy being here anyway! Our space is not designed for a dog to be isolated. Please address any concerns before enrolling your dog in our programs.  An enrollment form and a current vaccine record must be on file before the pooches first day and vaccines are required to be kept current.  This first day serves as an evaluation day and allows us to watch your dog interact and decide on the best playgroup for his/her play style and is free, but must be scheduled in advance.

Although we are currently one of the lowest cost option for daycare in West Michigan, don't let the price fool you into thinking we cut corners! We simply want to give the most people the  best chance to reap the benefits of a tired, well socialized dog!

Our price is $29 a day.  If you have graduated any of the training programs here at Kim's, the price drops to $27 a day. As mentioned, the first day is free! This day of daycare serves as a "get to know each other" day so we can evaluate and make sure your dog will enjoy being with us. This first day must be booked in advance, and can be scheduled once the enrollment form and your dogs up-to-date vaccinations are on file.

After your have seen the benefits that a tired dog can bring to your family, you may want to consider a cost saving pooch pass.  This pass enables you to pre-purchase 10 days and get an 11th day free!    After the initial evaluation day, your dog can show up any weekday before 9 am and enjoy the day! After registering for your dogs very own portal (click below) make a reservation for the days that you decide each week, so we can have plenty of staff on hand.  No minimum days a  week are required and the pooch passes don't expire.  Click the link below, to register your dog and fill us in on all the important stuff! Click on New Customer Info for more details! You can also call 616-949-4249 Ext 1 for more daycare information.


Vaccine Requirements-

  1. Bordetella - Every 6 Months

  2. Fecal check - Every 6 Months

  3. DHLPP

  4. Canine Influenza

  5. Rabies