Because of how dogs play, they are often nose to nose and nose to rump. To ensure your dog comes in and leaves as healthy as possible, we have adopted several requirements, and make a couple of health suggestions.


Before allowed to participate in any of the services at Kim’s K-9 (exception is Puppy Kindergarten; please see that page) the following 4 criteria must be met:


1)      Distemper / Lepto/Parvo combination vaccine must be current.

2)      Rabies vaccine must be current.

3)      Bordetella must have been given within 6 months of participation.  Although this vaccination won't prevent all types of canine cough, Bordetella is the most common virus.

4)      Stool check must have been declared negative within 6 months of participation.

5) Canine Influenza series current and/or completed two weeks before first boarding or daycare participation.


We must have your dog’s current records on file for him/her to be admitted. We suggest that you contact your veterinarian as soon as you make your daycare or travel plans, to be sure your pet is current. Our fax number is 616-575-3360.

To further prevent your dog from picking up undesirables, We highly suggest the following:

1)      Year around Sentinel. This is a monthly heartworm medication, also designed to prevent several types of parasites. Some worms can be dominant in dogs system at the 6 month check and then become active. Keeping your dog on Sentinel year around should prevent him/her from picking up a stray parasite that has managed to sneak through the system.


2)      Year around flea prevention.  We will NEVER knowingly allow a dog into the facility harboring fleas or ticks. However, Sentinel will also prevent the dog from picking up the random flea that may sneak under highly tuned radar. There are also many topicals that can be applied, but be aware that it should have been applied a couple of days BEFORE the dog comes in, so it has time to absorb and is not a danger to the other dogs if they lick it.


Interceptor is also a monthly heartworm medication that also prevents many parasites, but does NOT protect your dog against fleas.

Heartguard and Heartguard Plus do not prevent against whipworms, therefore, in a multi-dog environment is lacking.

Kim’s K-9 does not provide any of the above vaccines or products. Talk with your veterinarian for details and his/her advice.