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We know you love your dog.  And if love were enough,  your dog would be such an incredible and obedient dog that was so under control that you never worried about taking him/her out in public around crowds or other animals. And you could have friends over without tackling your dog when the door bell rings in an attempt to keep his feet and mouth from touching them.  He would be happy with the amount of exercise you could squeeze into your busy day,  and he would lay obediently at your feet,  gazing at you adoringly....  But love alone isn't enough, is it?


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Our Mission Statement

Kim's K-9 exists to open up lines of communication between you and your dog. To meet your needs and theirs. It is imperative that we show your dog the rules for living in a house with a human family, and that we help you understand what the dog needs to be able to excel in this environment. This is why we offer the best training around for both you and your dog.  But we also understand that all the training in the world is not going to take away the fact that your pup needs both mental and physical stimulation.  And we know you want to be able to travel and have a safe, happy place for your dog to stay. This is why we offer interactive daycare and interactive boarding.

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We use balanced training methods that are both fair and compassionate. Our goal is to achieve obedience reliability for the everyday dog owner in the real world.
— Kim Steffes Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Kim's K-9 Training Center

What clients say

  • "No other place I'd take my boys to.  Kim is the best and her staff is awesome. Her training is spot on"  Cheryl- mom of Dufus the Boxer
  • "Everything you do works!" Mary - mom of Bud-E the Labrador
  • "Best trainer there is. Kim does wonders in a short amount of time" Sheree- mom of Maui the Australian Shepherd 
  • "Kim is the best trainer even when the people are not the best learners" Jan- mom of Gitta the Labrador
  • "You won't find a better trainer or lover of dogs anywhere!" Joseph- dad of Trixie the Australian Shepherd  
  • "You guys taught me to speak dog over 20 years ago." Jean- mom of Sparky the terrier mix
  • "Thank you.Your training works and allows dogs and family to be the best they can be." Pearl-mom of Seri the Weimeriner
  • "You are the best!" Terri- mom of Zoey, Jax and Katniss and now Elvis and Corey, Rhodisian Ridgebacks one and all